Fertile Nature...

Clean air and pure water, mielato  de quercus (holm oaks, gall oaks and cork oaks) and tireless bees gives us its best sweet honey with an chestnut colour and a strong vegetal flavour: the forest's honey.

It's autumn time, and at the valleys of the rivers Genal and Yunquera the noble chestnut trees are dressed with its light dresses... Each leaf of each tree turns into red, deep red and ruby, gold,... It's time for the eagle's rise, time to light fire and time to toast the sweet chestnut...

Apart from variety and richess, our humid and dense forests offers the goddess' delicacy: the mushroom. Different kinds of it, an delicious flavour born at the ground.

Other nature's products are offered as well, like the fresh and biological vegetables, legumes, fruits, wild asparagus, Spanish oister plant, snails, hunting meat, ... being the base for a diverse and delicious traditional cooking.


A colourful mountain range...

The characteristics of the fruits raised at a certain ecosystem are caused by the place's conditions: altitude, ground, climatology... giving to the fruits authenticity and distinction.Due to these reasons, the olive of the Serrania,at its optimal ripeness, brings to the life to itsmost nobleesence,theolive oil, being made in Cuevas del Becerro, //IMAGEN//  Atajate,Jubrique, El Burgo and Yunquera at the tradtional olive-oil mills, giving us a pure olive oil, a real treasure for our health.

In Ronda, where the gest olive groves are combined with the best extraction techniques, is obtained a pure olive oil, with low acidity, with a golden with some green glances colour, with an intense fragance and a wonderful taste. A real "Dorado" for the Serrania.


And ancient traditions...

As a result of choosing always the best raw materials, the blond or violet pigs, rised at a natural and healthy environment consisting of holm oaks forests, which give to them its necessary amount of acorns.Just the needed seasoning, a slow process ending with the cured jam due tothe adequate environment and climatology... This is theway how the Iberian cold cuts of the Serrania de Ronda are //IMAGEN//  offered to you: chorizo, different kind of pork spiced sausages, jam...Delicious and uncomparable flavours coming from Arriate to Cortes de la Frontera, passing through Montejaque, Algatocín or Benaoján where the cold cuts tradition is a precious heritage from generation to generation.

Territory and pure milk: capricious goats tending, over the varied region's vegetation, accuracy and love at the process of making cheese, wisdom and patience at the maduration at the dark... these are the main factors for the cheeses offering to us several flavours and tasteful sensations, from the sweetest or milky to the one with more personality, that means, more intense at its flavour, taekn at any time. A walk through Ronda, Cuevas del Becerro an Arriate, will offer you the possibility of knowing our cheese patrimony.


So sweet and capricious...

Hands full of wisdom work with love the combination of noble ingredients: flours, honey, almonds, lard, figs, chestnuts, liqueurs, spices... bringing into life a huge amount of handmade sweets: types of doughnuts, cheeses made of almonds, wine doughnuts, oil or honey cakes, sighs, egg yolk sweets... Receipts with an age of several centuries.The sweets made by the nuns of the convents of La Merced and las Franciscanas are famous and delicious.

El Burgo, Ronda, Arriate, Atajate as well as several villages of our region make in its ovens delicate pastries for our joy. To taste them without getting an stomach ache we recommend the anisettes and eaus-de-vie distilled at Ronda since centuries and made at the same way from generation to generation.

Serranía de Ronda, love and good taste for tradition.

It's worth while the time needed for tasting Ronda.


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